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Indigo is the representation of hope when it only seems to a dream. What is expressed here is a moment of joy by a dreamer.

This painting is a celebration of the beauty and spiritual strength of a woman in wild. I was fascinated by the gorgeous play of the water on human skin and created this piece to represent that playful interaction
which created a divine feeling.

This multi-media piece is the most precious of all for me. Whatever that has happened in the past is over. You are made of Gold, have those huge wings to fly and the mystical guide are flying over your head. Flip your wing; you are capable of flying.

This water color piece was painted from a live model who graciously sat still for several hours. 

I was looking for an inspiration for this painting when I met this beautiful woman in the airport on my way back from Dallas. I got her permission to take a picture.

This piece was a playful interaction between different warm and cold shades of gray.

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My paintings represent the playful dance of light and shadow
- the entanglement of texture, depth and bright colors captured on canvas.

The strokes of paint are the struggles of women,
children and men who all hold unrealized dreams and hopes - sentiments words
have no power to express.

Let the present moment capture you and let the
canvas tell you her story - but don’t expect what is revealed to be the same
story someone else experiences.

I am an international traveler on a quest for
non-conforming ideas and the liberty to manifest them. My inspirations are
stories that need a voice, connections to be made, and the compassion required
to be inspired. My hope is that my art gives
you the gift of both beauty and contemplation of the moment. 

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